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The Granite Guy

A very nice Gig!

It is hard to believe my career in the stone industry is coming up on twenty years.    We have learned a lot, had loads of fun, and still today, enjoy the people and the industry.


We have enjoyed seeing up close, travertine quarries in Mexico,  marble quarries in Italy,  granite quarries in Brazil and  also two granite quarries right here in Texas at Marble Falls and Granite Shoals.


Along the way, we  have fabricated granite, crated and shipped to Hawaii for installation, plus installed granite kitchens as far away as Kansas and Colorado .


The most unusual granite fabrication was for "high end" speaker boxes being shipped to Kuwait and the United Emirates.  On the other end, we have fabricated and installed granite and marble in

several restaurant chains, fast food chains,  a hospital in East Texas and an airport in Amarillo.


My "fifteen minute' claim to fame was in a "full house" remodel in Highland Park. It had a 1,000 square foot award winning bath room.  The project made front page on Stone Business Magazine in August of 2008.  It also was one of the homes that

a certain  President looked at when home shopping in Dallas.


Our mission statement is:


       Exceeding Expectations..........One Customer at a Time.

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